Details of lasercut geometric jewelery made from bronze engraved with a Trotec fiber laser

Laser engraved bronze


Prototypes of laser engraved cut metal. Trying out different techniques for clean engraving and an aged look. Made from bronze with a Trotec …

Laser engraved token made from cherry wood. It shows a small section of moon topography.

Moon tokens


A series of small tokens that function as business cards. Made from laser engraved cherry, maple and oak wood. Depicted is a small …

Lasercut and engraved jewelry prototype made out of bronze metal

Metal jewelry prototypes


Testing new materials: Prototypes for metal jewelery made out of 0.3mm bronze and copper metal. Lasercut and engraved with a Trotec fiber laser.…

Laser engraving in white acrylic with LEGO minifigure

Materials for Architecture


A series of laser engraved material samples for architecture model making. Thin plywood, white acrylic, grey cardboard and pure paper.…

Laser engraved leather bag - detail of engraving

Laser engraved leather bag


A laser engraved leather bag: A highly detailed city map of Zurich, Switzerland was engraved into the black leather.

Through the combination of …

Historical map of Lysekil in Sweden in the year 1898, Detail of the engraving of the water

Lysekil, Sweden in 1898


A new historical map of Lysekil in Sweden from the year 1898. Lysekil is situated at the mouth of the Gullmarn fjord in …

Detail of the laser engraved paper map of Tokyo, Japan. By Robin Hanhart

Paper map of Tokyo


A beautifully laser engraved map of Tokyo (東京, Tōkiō) the capital of Japan. A unique design object.

More in the Showcase…

Vitoli - A friendly drone - Family picture

Vitoli – Mascot Design


A special mascot named Vitoli was designed for the Swiss Drone-Startup Wingtra. Carefully laser cut out of plywood and painted. Vitoli was first …

Lasercut street network of zurich in paper by Robin Hanhart

Street Network Zurich


The streets of Zurich, cut in black paper. The fine and highly precise laser cut transforms the paper into a unique city map …

Lasercut Dufour map - near Berne in Switzerland

Dufour Map in 3D


The Topographic Map of Switzerland also know as the Dufour Map is the oldest official map of Switzerland. It was first published between …

Lasercut Mars Sketchbook - Engraved topography of Gale crater on Mars by Robin Hanhart

Mars Sketchbook


We are huge fans of Mars. For the new year a special product was created: A Mars Sketchbook!

Laser engraved into the book …

Laser engraved postcards - Detail of pattern 1

Laser Atelier Postcards


A series of high quality laser engraved postcards. Created for friends of our Laser Atelier.

The structure of a leaf or the wood …