Paper and cardboard laser cutting and engraving

Many paper and cardboard materials can be cut and engraved with high speed and precision. Common applications are architecture, branding and prototyping.

Laser Atelier

Possibilities with paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard have many different uses and are well suited for laser processing. Common uses are gifts for clients, packaging or architecture models. Even thicker cardboard can be cut but marks form laser cutting will be visible.

Possible applications:

  • Packaging
  • POS und client gifts
  • Marketing materials
  • Cards and tags
  • Architecture models and model making
Material sample for architectural models - laser engraving in gray cardboard 1mm
Cutting and engraving of cardboard
Lasercut street network of zurich in paper - In hand 2 - Robin Hanhart
Lasercut Strassen Netzwerk Zürich in Hand 2
Abstract fractures in paper layers. Graphic design and laser cut by Robin Hanhart
Lasercut paper layers for art project

Which paper and cardboard can be used?

  • Paper in different weights and thicknesses can be cut and often also engraved.
  • Grey paperboard can be cut, marked and engraved with speed and precision.
  • White cardboard can be cut and engraved. On thicker types laser residue is visible after cutting. This can be prevented by using protective foil.
  • Corrugated cardboard  can be cut and engraved. Often used in packaging.
  • Colored cardboard can most of the types be cut.
  • Problematic are some types of plastic coatings on paper or cardboard.

Material notes

Thicker types of cardboard may leave residue from the laser on the surface. If needed a special protective foil can be applied before cutting. Laser marks are greatly reduced by this.

Protective foil against laser marks can be applied on paper and cardboard to prevent laser residue. This is an addiotional fee.
By using a vacuum table even very thin papers can be processed.

Applications for paper and cardboard

Precise cutting of paper and cardboard

Material in different weights and thicknesses as well as cardboard can be cut fast and precise with a laser. Even the smallest shapes can be cut.

  • On almost all types of material
  • Dark colored material is better as possible laser marks are less visible.
  • High Speed for cutting
Lasercut street network of zurich in paper by Robin Hanhart 
The street network of Zurich, Switzerland – Precise laser cut in black paper