Metal laser engraving and marking

Metal can be directly laser marked with a fiber laser. On certain metals a very durable and high-contrast annealing is possible.

Laser Atelier

Laser marking on metal

Almost all metals can be directly marked or engraved with a laser. Fast and permanent markings are possible on all metals. On certain metals like steel, stainless steel and titanium a very durable and dark annealing is possible.

Applications and use cases:

  • Industrial products can be permanently marked with serial numbers or brandings.
  • Personalisations of gifts for clients or marketing materials
  • Durable marking of stainless products by annealing without damaging or changing the surface
Annealing laser marking of logo-graphic with fiber laser on brushed stainless steel
Stainless steel annealing with fiber laser
Laser engraving into metal ring made of silver by Laser Atelier
Laser engraving into metal ring made of silver.
Lasercut and engraved jewelry prototype made out of bronze metal
Laser marked jewelry made of phosphor bronze

Possible metals for laser marking

Almost all metals can be marked with a fiber laser:

  • Anodized aluminium can be marked with great detail. Colored aluminum ist best. The engraving appears white so darker colors look best.
  • Aluminium natural can be marked. The engraving appears dark-gray
  • Steel and stainless steel can be marked fast and with good contrast. A very durable and dark annealing engraving ist possible below the surface.
  • Titanium can be processed in the same way as stainless steel with marking and annealing.
  • Copper, brass, bronze can be marked with good contrast. Copper based metals react in similar ways.
  • Coated metals can be engraved by removing the paint layer precisely with the laser.
  • Silver, gold and other precious metals can be marked with the laser.
  • Round or curved objects can not be marked. The marking area has to be flat.
  • Metal cutting is not possible with our machine.
  • Deep engraving in metals is not possible. Only surface markings are offered.

Samples for laser marking on metal

Laser Annealing of metal

A laser annealing is a very durable and high contrast marking below the surface. By heating the material locally an oxide layer is produced and a color change is created in the material. Only certain metals like steel, stainless-steel and titanium can be processed by laser annealing.

This process is well suited for products in the medical field or other applications where hygiene and long lasting marking is important. Often used for the branding or personalisation of kitchen supplies.

  • Durable and high contrast dark-black marking
  • No perceptible change in surfacefor easier cleaning and hygiene.
  • Possible on  Steel, stainless steel and Titanium. All alloys of these materials should work.
  • Longer marking time makes annealing more expensive than other processes.
Laser Annealing and Polish marking on stainless steel knife 
Laser Annealing and polishing engraving on a stainless steel knife

Precision engraving in metal

The fiber laser allows very fine and precise engraving on most metals. Even very small text can be engraved with good contrast.

In the sample image is a text engraving with a width of 5mm & 6mm on a stainless steel fork.

  • On almost any metal possible.
  • Durable and good readability even for the smallest details.
  • Fast and customizable,  for serial numbers or other text
5mm detail laser engraving on metal of stainless fork 
Small 5mm detail engraving on metal of stainless steel fork

More metal samples