Textile laser cutting and engraving

Many types of textile and also leather can be cut and engraved with precision and speed. Possible materials range from synthetics to natural textiles.

Laser Atelier

Possibilities with textile and fabric

Textile have many different applications. It is possible to laser cut intricate patterns in textile materials and leather. Even small holes for sewing are not a problem. Engravings are possible on some materials.

Synthetic textiles like Nylon and Polyester are very well suited for laser processing. The cutting edges get sealed by heat of the laser and do not require further processing.

Possible use cases:

  • Cutting of textile products and patterns
  • Engraving on denim, softshell, fleece and more is possible for branding and personalisation.
  • Industrial products, prototypes and research use various textiles.
  • Marketing materials made from texil
  • Leather products
Laser engraved leather bag - detail of engraving
Laser engraving of a street map in a leather bag

Possible textiles for cutting and engraving

  • Natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen, denim and more can be cut well. The edges tend to fray similar to cutting by other methods.
  • Synthetics like nylon, polyamide and polyester allow for sealed edges with laser cutting.
  • Microfiber, softshell, fleece  and other fabrics can be cut and engraved.
  • Felt can be cut and engraved.
  • Leather can be engraved well and also be cut in lower thicknesses.
  • Synthetic leather like Alcantara can be cut and engraved. Must not contain PVC.
  • Textiles containing PVC  or with a PVC coating must not be laser processed.

Samples for textile laser processing

Laser cutting of Cordura and other synthetic materials

Cordura is a type of nylon known for its physical resistance. It is often used for work clothing, backpacks, bags and other outdoor products. The laser allow for fast and precise cutting of nylons like Cordura and other synthetic materials. The heat of the laser beam seals the cutting edges and no further processing is needed.

  • High cutting speed of materials like Cordura, nylon, polyamide and a lot more.
  • Sealing of cut edges on synthetics materials. No further processing needed.
Laser cutting of Cordura Nylon sample 
Lasercut of Cordura Nylon