I’m Robin Hanhart, a designer & illustrator from Switzerland. This is my design studio where I create unique artwork with a powerful laser cutter. A selection of my work can be found in the Showcase.

Robin Hanhart

As an Illustrator & Designer, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and materials. An important aspect of my work is the combination of traditional ways of creative work with cutting-edge tools like laser cutting. I have years of experience in using a laser cutter and still find new ways to experiment with it.

I have a strong interest in working with materials, designing maps, looking at all things Space and of course cutting things with powerful lasers.

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Robin Hanhart


  • 3D relief laser engraving in acrylic

    19. June 2020

    A special 3-dimensional relief laser engraving of a bird skull. A showcase of the possibilities of laser processing. Material: Transparent acrylic/PMMA

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  • Laser engraved bronze

    22. July 2018

    Prototypes of laser engraved cut metal. Trying out different techniques for clean engraving and an aged look. Made from bronze with a Trotec fiber laser.

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  • Moon tokens

    15. April 2018

    A series of small tokens that function as business cards. Made from laser engraved cherry, maple and oak wood. Depicted is a small section of moon topography.  A special relief technique allows for a 3-dimensional engraving.

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  • Sketchbook Guatemala Engraved

    23. March 2018

    Laser engraving of a travel sketchbook for Guatemala. A map of Guatemala from 1920 was prepared and laser engraved into thin wood with a special laser engraving technique.

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