Glass and Ceramic laser engraving and marking

Many glass types and some ceramics can be laser processed. Permanent and durable markings are possible.

Laser Atelier

Possibilities with glass and ceramic

Many types of material can be laser marked permanently and with good contrast. The process is contactless and doesn’t need a special pre-process. Glass is often used in laboratory and research settings. Ceramic has a lot of industrial uses.

Engraving by laser etches the surface slightly and turns the marking white and matte.

Possible applications:

  • Permanent marking of cuvettes and beakers for laboratory use.
  • Engraving of mirrors
  • Decoration for branding and marketing
  • Other laboratory, research and industry uses
Laser engraving on borosilicate glass for tracking of laboratory glass 
Laser engraving on borosilicate glass for tracking of samples in a laboratory.

Types of glass for marking and engraving

  • Soda-lime is the most used type. Used for windows, glasses in home use and cheaper flat glass. Can be marked or engraved well.
  • Borosilicate is a very chemical and heat resistant. Is often used for laboratory or kitchen use. Brand names are  Pyrex, Schott DURAN, und Schott Borofloat 
  • Quarz is optically pure and has special uses in research and laboratory settings. Can be marked and engraved.
  • Aluminosilicate can be marked and has high strength.
  • Cutting of glass is not possible with our machines.
  • Round objects can not be marked. The engraving area has to be flat or only slightly curved.

Examples of applications

Markings for industry and research

For uses in research and industry many types of material can be marked contactless and permanently. Beakers and cuvettes can be engraved for tracking in experiments. Typical material used is borosilicate.

  • Permanent and long-lasting engravings.
  • High precision for the smallest markings
  • Different materials can be processed
Laser engraving on fused quartz cuvette for tracking in laboratory 
Precise laser engraving on fused quatz glass cuvette for laboratory use.