Laser Cutting and Engraving in Zurich

High-quality laser cutting and engraving service in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ideas for products & materials

From precise paper cutting for invitations to engraved topographic maps made from wood, the possibilities are almost endless.



One of the easiest materials to laser engrave. Depending on the wood a deep engraving is possible.

  • Wood engraving Almost all woods are suitable.
  • Solid wood cutting Cutting of woods thicker than 5mm is usually not possible.
  • Plywood Cutting and engraving up to 10mm
  • MDF Cutting and engraving up to 6mm


Almost all metals can be marked directly with the fiber-laser. It’s not possible to engrave deep into metal. Very detailed and lasting marks can be made on the surface.

  • Aluminium anodized High quality engraving with a white appearance is possible.
  • Aluminium Engraving/Marking is possible.
  • Stainless steel & steel A black marking is possible on most steel-based materials.
  • Titanium Can be marked in a deep black.
  • Copper/Brass/Bronze The surface can be marked.


Many different plastics can be cut and marked. On some materials a white marking can be done.

  • Arylics(Plexiglas, PMMA) up to 10mm
  • POM Can be cut and engraved in white
  • Foils PET and Polyester, no PVC


Leather and textiles are well suited for laser processing.

  • Leather Engraving and cutting
  • Synthetic leather (PVC-free)
  • Natural fibers (Cotton, Silk, Linen and more)
  • Synthetic textiles (Nylon/Polyester) Laser cutting allow for a sealed edge
  • felt, some foams and more

Paper and cardboard

Paper cuts and engraves fast and in great detail.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Other materials

Many additional materials can be laser processed: The exact material type has to be known as we do not cut or engrave unknown materials

What is not possible

A few materials cannot be worked with. They might not react well to the heat of the laser or create toxic fumes during the process.

  • All materials containing PVC (polyvinylchloride), for example many foils and synthetic leathers. Foamed PVC like Forex is also not possible.
  • Cutting metals thicker than 0.5mm Machine is not strong enough, engraving/marking is possible on most metals.
  • Polycarbonates (Makrolon, Lexan), Bad results
  • Polystyrene- and polypropylene foam: Melts strongly during cutting, fire hazard.
  • ABS: Bad results
  • Carbon fiber Bad results for cutting and engraving.

Information & laser request

Information about service

The largest part has to be within the following dimensions to be lasercut on our machines:

  • Arbeitsfläche von Laser max. 813mm x 508mm
  • Max height of work piec.: 280mm
  • Max weight of work piece: 30kg

File settings

  • Type: Vector graphic in black/white
  • File format: .ai, .svg, .dxf, .cdr, .pdf
  • Engraving: Fill black
  • Cutting: Red contour line with thickness 0.1mm or 0.001pt (hairline)


There is no fixed price list because every job is different. The projects cost are usually calculated in the following way:

  • Fixed order fee: CHF 20.-  Independent from quantity
  • Work duration of laser: Calculated per minute
  • Quantity: Higher quantity results in lower cost per single item.
  • Design If major changes have to be made to the file it will have to be added to the costs.

Laser Request

Interested in working with us? Or do you have more questions about our process?

  • Business clients only: Due to high workload we can only work for business clients.
  • No single engravings: We do not offer engraving of single items.

Laser Request

Laser files
Maximum upload size: 10MB